Aerobie Rocket Football 6"

R 200.00

The Aerobie Rocket footballs curved fins and small diameter create spectacular spirals and long distance flights. Its curved fins drive the ball into a perfect spiral even when the thrower barely spins it. Great for kids as young as three learning to throw a football. Throw with right hand. Size: 6 inch (15 cm) length.
Perfect for small hands, the 6 inch (15cm) Aerobie Rocket football has curved fins to generate awesome spirals. Its great for young kids who are just learning how to throw a football.

- Curved fins for perfect spira
- ls every time
- Great for young kids learning to throw a football
- Squeezable foam is soft but tough
- Compact 6" (15cm) size fits all hands
- Eye-catching two tone neon colors look great in flight
- Throw with right hand
- Recommended for ages 3 and up

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